soooo it's been a while or something

heyyy guys. so, uh, a few things:

1) you've probably already figured by now, but too much mustard the series just ain't going to happen. i've worked and re-worked the concepts, writing, style, art and such a bunch of times, but i just can't make it funny or interesting — and i'd settle for one of those two qualities, but failing at both means it's just not worth your time or mine. sorry to have dropped the ball on it, i really am, but i'd rather just admit it's a dead concept and move on.

2) speaking of moving on, that's something i've found i have to do every once in a while to keep myself from souring on a concept entirely. it's what happened with this comic, and while i'm not quite ready to jump back in the saddle just yet, earlier tonight i found myself looking over older comics and making myself chuckle — which means i'm probably not too far from starting up again.

the one thing i've always adored about this whole experience is how patient and amazing the people who like the comic have been with me and my flaky ways. it would be silly and dishonest of me to say i will always be able to deliver consistent, entertaining comics on any kind of regular schedule, but i hope you guys can believe me when i say your support has been appreciated beyond the telling of it.

too much mustard shall return, in its normal, poorly drawn form, later this summer. if you'll only believe it when you see it, i totally get that — but i do hope you'll stick around for it.

rob press
wholly unreliable but moderately earnest stick figure artist